Our Softball Convener for 2019 is Rachel Hallson,  You can contact her at






Age Categories


Note: Ages are as ofDecember 31st in the same year in which the season is played.



Game Days

5 to 7/8 yrs


Learn to play

Saturday or rain: Sunday

8/9 to 10 yrs


Monday and Wednesday

11 and 12 yrs


Tuesday and Thursday

13 and 14 yrs


Monday and Wednesday

15 and 16 yrs


Tuesday and Thursday

17 to 19yrs



Monday and Wednesday

LEARN TO PLAY for girls and boys ages 5 – 7  up to over U19.


Please email Rachel at for more info.

About the Program

Welcome to the Home of the Varsity View Youth Softball Club (which also encompasses players from Westdale and Roblin Park).

Varsity View Community Club is proud to be a major player in our softball community with Winnipeg Southwest Youth Softball Association. Our club ranges from all ages and experiences. We have a Learn to Play program for both boys and girls from ages 5 – 7 (Mites) to ages 8 – 18 (Midgets). As well as a great place to meet new friends this is also a fantastic way to spend your spring.

No experience necessary as this is a learning program that totally believes in fair play and building on players strengths.  There are many nights when the laughter is one of the nicest sounds around.  Varsity also prides itself on our great parent volunteers, coaches, managers, and the cheering sections that outshine pretty much everyone else’s.

For those that don’t know, “B” ball involves tryouts for all players across the league and the pitchers throw windmill style. This level of competition is for those players that would like to play at a more competitive level and may want to progress to “A” ball, which is the highest level of play in Manitoba.

Each year, the softball season starts with player registration in late February or early March and practises start as soon as we can get on the fields or find indoor locations. The regular season typically runs from May to June with two games per week and usually one or two additional practises. Divisional/League playoffs are held in late June (we usually are the host at Marj Edey Field adjacent to the Sportsplex). For those teams that qualify at divisionals, provincial championships are held in early to mid-July at various locations.

Player Equipment Requirements

Player uniforms (shirts) and most playing equipment are provided by the club. This includes bats, balls, catching gear and field equipment.

Individual players will require (at minimum) a properly sized glove and batting helmet with a protective cage. You are also encouraged to purchase matching navy shorts/sweats and softball socks.

Optional equipment includes batting gloves, personal catching equipment and a bat that is age appropriate for length and weight. Consult your coach for information on equipment purchases.

Varsity View Softball Highlights

Congrats to the VV U14 Bronze Medalists 2019




2016 Softball Play-offs held at VV Sportsplex on Friday, June 17 – Sunday, June 19, 2016
(U10 – U 14 teams)

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