Hall Rental

Hall Details:

  • Hall capacity is 360 persons
  • Air Conditioned
  • Kitchen
  • Tables/chairs

002 (2).JPG

Hall Rate for Evening Socials:

Standard (excludes New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Holy Thursday):

  • Hall Rate = $1,500.00 (8 pm – 1 am)
  • Special Holiday rate for New Year’s Eve = $2,000.00 (8 pm – 2 am)
  • Special Holiday rate for Halloween & Holy Thursday (Easter)  $1,650.00 (8 pm – 1 am)

Note: All rates include taxes – Hall rates subject to change

Included in the Social price is the following:

  • Caretaker service (set-up / take down)
  • 2 Bartenders
  • 1 Door person & 1 Kitchen Area Liaison
  • Lockable money cabinet (renter to provide pad lock)
  • Standard beverage mixes (Pepsi, diet Pepsi, Ginger Ale, 7-up, soda and orange juice)
  • Plastic drink cups, plastic beer cups
  • Coffee, cups, cream, sugar.

Hall rate for smaller events & formal gatherings available on request.

011 (11).JPG


For more information, call Angie at 204-889-1404 or email: vvcc@mymts.net

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