Remember we have 2 sites:

The main hall (Socials, Bingo & Nursery) at 315 Laxdal Rd

and the Sportsplex (Arena and Fields of Marj Edey Park) at 4230 Ridgewood Rd.


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Outdoor Rinks are Now OPEN

VVCC ODR Protocol

For the health and safety of all, VARSITY VIEW COMMUNITY CENTRE (VVCC) mandates Provincial Health requirements are front and centre as we all return to play. This document serves as VVCC’s protocol to meet regulations enacted under the provincial health order and addresses other agency stipulations for programming activities. Let’s all do our part!

NOTE: this protocol is specific to the Outdoor Rink (ODR), 315 Laxdal Road, Wpg.

• Anyone using the ODR must self-screen using Manitoba Health’s screening tool available at https://sharedhealthmb.ca/covid19/screening-tool/ ; if you or anyone in your household feels ill, please stay home.

• Face masks are encouraged, but not mandatory.

• Skate building and dressing rooms are closed to the public; only VVCC staff are permitted inside the skate building. Washrooms and canteen are not available.

• Limited outdoor seating provided and spaced out to ensure physical distancing requirements are maintained.

• A physical distance of at least two meters must be maintained at all times when on or off the ice. This does not apply to those residing at the same household.
• Groups of no more than 5 persons permitted to skate together unless they are from the same household.
• No organized practices, games or competitions of any kind.

• The ODR site will not be staffed, only maintained. Those using the ODR do so at their own risk and must adhere to current public health order requirements, found at: https://www.gov.mb.ca/asset_library/en/proactive/2020_2021/orders-soe-12092020.pdf .

• No congregating on ODR grounds or in the parking lot.

• No liquor, smoking or any other intoxicating substances permitted at any time on or about ODR grounds and parking lot.

• Failure to comply with this protocol may result in an individual or group being ejected or barred from the ODR, the site being closed for a period of time or permanent closure with ice being removed.

• Be respectful, patient and exercise cooperation. Thank you!

• Arrive fully dressed (except for helmet and skates); bring a filled water bottle from home if need be. There is no canteen or water fountain available.

• Player benches will be available on both the north and south rink.
• It is expected that any skater under the age of 12 is under the supervision of a responsible adult or older sibling/guardian.

• Should anyone acknowledge a breach of VVCC’s RTP protocol, the breach is to be reported by email and sent to VVCC’s Administrator: vvcc@mymts.net

• The Administrator will advise VVCC’s COVID Communication Officer by email (programs@varsityview.org) who will assess the breach, gather further information if need be and respond accordingly as detailed in section F of this document.

• Failure to comply with this protocol may result in an individual or group being ejected or barred from the ODR, the site being closed for a period of time or permanent closure with ice being removed.

• Each user partakes at their own risk and may be subject to warnings/fines administered by law enforcement for failure to adhere to current health order regulations.


• Protocol signage is posted on our website and at strategic points on site to remind all facility users to be mindful and practice social distancing.

• We commit to reviewing and updating this policy as new mandates are received; this document will remain fluid and flexible to accommodate such responses.

• The health and safety of our staff, participants, and the general public is our number one priority and at the forefront of decision making in all of our practices.


• Why is the ODR not staffed with a rink attendant?
A VVCC staff member will maintain the site on a regular basis to ensure the site remains usable and safe. Our staff member will clear snow and flood the ice regularly and complete spot checks to ensure nothing needs to be repaired, to report rink conditions and any anomalies that need to be addressed to ensure the site remains safe for use. As per the current health order, each individual user is responsible to ensure compliance. Considering the building must remain closed and the site will continue to be maintained, there is no need to staff the skate building. Community Centres across Winnipeg are operating in the same manner and this falls in line with direction received from the City of Winnipeg, GCWCC and MB Health.

• What happens if the rink is packed and I can’t get on the ice?
We expect skaters to share the ice, be reasonable with ice usage and respect others. If concerns are raised and RTP Protocol is not adhered to, the Board will address. Concerns can be emailed to vvcc@mymts.net .

• Why aren’t your washrooms available at the ODR?
As per the current health order, the skate building must remain closed to the public.

• Can we reserve a rink for a hockey game?
As per the current health order, no organized games or practices are permitted. Outdoor rinks were permitted to open so individuals could practice their skills and engage in casual play. Physical distancing must be maintained at all times when applicable. No one can reserve the ice for their use.


Posted @ ODR: City of Winnipeg Protocol


We at VVCC are all hopeful that we can

open the Arena and the Club up soon.

Stay Safe everyone.


The Arena Is Now Closed

due to Code Red.


BINGO is currently closed due to

Covid and PHO Code RED

We will not be reopening until it is 100% safe for all to come back and enjoy in the way Bingo was interned to be played.


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