Remember we have 2 sites:

The main hall (Socials, Bingo & Nursery) at 315 Laxdal Rd

and the Sportsplex (Arena and Fields of Marj Edey Park) at 4230 Ridgewood Rd.


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The 2021 AGM will be held Via Zoom on Thurs May 27, 7 pm. Please email if you plan to attend: vvcc@mymts.net and we can send you the E-Documents for the meeting & get your information for the Zoom Link. Positions up for election & open to the Public (Non-existing Board Members) are: Secretary, General Member, Male Hockey Director & Ringette Director. Please advise if you would like to be nominated for a position.

The following are constitutional changes that will be voted on at the upcoming AGM May 27.

4 f remove secretary – Secretary should be a director

4 i c- change 15 to 10 – It’s very hard to get 15 people to a meeting

7c- move to 10 o. – Quorum refers to meetings

10a. Move to 11e – 11 refers to AGM

10e special general meeting – move and combine with 4j 4j refers to special general meeting

10m meetings at 7pm- Remove- not always possible

12a AGM held in April – Remove- not always possible

14a – 30 days prior to… – Change to 21 days So we can always have the last regular meeting to discuss changes before they are posted

14e add that bylaws can be changed at a regular board meeting

The constitution is available to be viewed at the bottom of this page. Click on the link.


Please check out the Softball tab for new Information on our Softball program for 2022.


Email vvcc@mymts.net to rent floor time at the Arena


BINGO is currently closed due to

Covid and the PHO Code

We will not be reopening until it is 100% safe for all to come back and enjoy in the way Bingo was interned to be played.


View the VVCC Constitution and By-Laws below