Varsity View has 2 sites:

The main hall (Socials & Nursery) at 315 Laxdal Road

Sportsplex (Arena & Fields of Marj Edey Park) at 4230 Ridgewood Ave

Our staff are here to help: Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm

(204) 885-3848

Or by email at: vvcc@mymts.net


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Please join us at our

Annual General Meeting

May 29, 2023

7 p.m.

315 Laxdal Rd

Among other items such as elections and annual reports there will be a vote on the following constitutional changes:

Edit to Section 3.0 (Objectives)
c. To provide equal recreational opportunity to all members regardless of race, religion, [Addition: age]
or gender. This Club shall in no way be sectarian or political in its work.
Reason: Age was missing in previous

Addition to Section 13.1 (Board Meeting agenda)
Added: Staffing discussions
Reason: Helpful subsection for meetings

Addition to Section 15.2 (Purchases)
Added: Purchasing decisions should prioritize products and vendors that consider life-cycle costing, as
well as social and environmental responsibility.
Reason: To curb Board’s appetite to buy items deemed cheap, wasteful and temporary and take
environmental considerations into account when buying things.

Edits and additions to Section 16.1 (President)
Edited: Shall vote at meetings only to break a tie.
Reason: Clarity

Added: The President can appoint an Officer or Director to act as surrogate during any period of time.
Notification of shall be given to the board.
Reason: Previously undefined action

Edits and Additions 16.13 (General Members)
Remove: Support majority decisions, while respecting opposing opinions
Reason: All members should vote how they see fit and not automatically approve motions

Add: Make informed voting decisionsReason: Allow general members to vote as they see fit for the health of the board’s democracy
Addition: Be responsible for familiarizing [Addition: with board activities] if unable to attend 2 or more
board meetings in a row
Reason: clarity.

Addition to Section 24.4 (Equipment Rental/Use)
Bingo machine is to remain on the premises of VVCC [Added: unless a simple majority of board votes for
its disposal, relocation or sale.]
Reason: Current language limits board’s powers to do what it wishes to with its machine.

Removal of Section 31
Reason: Bingo no longer offered


Thank you to Eva and the bingo staff past and

present for your efforts in creating a great program



Softball Registration:

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For more info please email vvcc@mymts.net



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