Contact Us

The Board of Varsity View CC:

Position Board Member Email
President Sean Moore President
Secretary Tracy Foster Secretary
Past President Murray Cunningham  
VP Finance Dave Sitarik  
VP Programs Vacant Programs
VP Operation Vacant  
VP Sports TJ Steeves VP Sports
Female Hockey Directors Spencer Ross


Katie Folster

Spencer Female Hockey 


Katie – Female Hockey

Male Hockey Director Mark MacKeen Male Hockey
Ringette Director Vacant Ringette
Softball Director Rachel Hallson  Softball
Communications Murray Cunningham Communications
Equipment Manager Vacant  
General Member Paula Sitarik  
General Member Brian Schmeichel  
General member Darcy Krutkevich  
General Member Keiko Hanssen  
General Member Robyn Macdonald  
General Member Tony Buchel  
General Member

Jamie Constantine


Varsity View Community Centre Address:

        315 Laxdal Rd. Winnipeg, MB R3R 0W3

Varsity View Sportsplex:

4230 Ridgewood Ave. Winnipeg, MB  R3R 3S5


General Inquiries & Arena: (204) 885 -3848

Laxdal / Nursery: (204) 889 -1642


Office Administrator (Angie):

Facility Manager (Murray)

5 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Brenley Anderson says:

    Hi I am curious if there are any available times on Tuesday to rent one of the diamonds to practice on.

  2. Please email our Softball director at

  3. Genevieve Grant says:

    Hello, is it possible to book a “Social” at the VVCC on March 17, 2023?

  4. Yes, Sunday Bingo is Back. C’mon down!

  5. lindylouwhoo says:

    Is there Bingo this Sunday , the wknd of Thanksgiving … Oct.9th???

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