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The Board of Varsity View CC:

Committee Member Position Email
Murray Cunningham President President
Sean Moore Secretary Secretary
Randy Bryden Past President  
Dave Sitarik VP Finance  


Jason Swale

VP Programs

VP Operations



TJ Steeves VP Sports VP Sports
Spencer Ross


Katie Fulster

Female Hockey Directors Spencer Female Hockey 


Katie – Female Hockey

Kerry Ross Male Hockey Director Male Hockey
Vacant Ringette Director Ringette
Rachel Hallson Softball Director   Softball
Russ Donkersley Equipment Manager  
Paula Sitarik General Member  
Brian Schmeichel General Member  
Non Board Members    
Eva Swan Bingo Manager  
Angie Clarke Club Administrator Administrator

Varsity View Community Centre: Address:

315 Laxdal Rd. Winnipeg, MB R3R 0W3

Varsity View Sportsplex:

4230 Ridgewood Ave. Winnipeg, MB  R3R 3S5


Main Club: (204) 889 -1404

Sportsplex: (204) 885 -3848

Nursery: (204) 889 -1642


(204) 837-9952


Office Administrator (Angie):

Operations and Maintenance Supervisor (Steve):

4 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Don Fletcher says:

    Hello, my name is Don Fletcher and I am working with the Manitoba Association of Senior Centers (MASC) on a Federal New Horizons project to learn more about community clubs and the services they provide to older adults within the community. We especially are targeting services that enhance or lead to social engagement or for those who may be socially isolated

    We are trying to get a bigger and better picture of older adult programs and activities within the City of Winnipeg and the ability to access those services.

    Can we take a few minutes and discuss older adults within your community? If yes, what is preferred option for you, to chat via a telephone call? Or via a zoom link invitation?
    IF not can you refer me to someone else who may assist in this project?

    Thank you for your consideration of my request
    Don Fletcher

  2. Megan Charriere says:

    If bingo up and running?

    I would like to play tonight!

  3. We are still closed and putting a plan in place for September. Watch our FB page or the website for more info in Sept.

  4. Hi Don, I apologize for the late response to your comment. Feel free to email me at

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