About Us

Varsity View is one of the original neighborhoods of the Charleswood community in Winnipeg.

In 1946, there were less than a hundred houses in the neighborhood which was mostly forest and farm fields. The bulk of the construction took place after the city of Winnipeg amalgamated with the surrounding municipalities.

As of the 2006 Census, Varsity View increased to almost 2,500 people.  Of those, 25% or just over 600 are under the age of 19.  These are today’s youth and tomorrow’s adults and who play a key role in the purpose of our Community Centre.

The Main Club is the original site of the Varsity View Community Club and plays a major role in the various indoor programs such as Bingo, Weight Watchers, Nursery School and Socials.  It is located at 315 Laxdal Rd.

An additional indoor rink was constructed at 4230 Ridgewood Ave which houses the indoor ice used for the Hockey and Ringette Leagues.

charleswoodsign VVCC VVarena

The objectives of VVCC are as follows:

1.  To promote, develop and provide sports and other programs as required to meet the recreational and leisure needs of the community;

2.  To raise and administer funds to support said programs;

3.  To provide equal recreational opportunity to all members regardless of race, religion, or sex, or age.  This club shall in no way be sectarian or political in its work; and

4.  To maintain facilities conducive to the programs provided.

For most recent Constitution and By-Laws see home page.

Zero Tolerance Policy

The Varsity View Community Centre (VVCC) welcomes you to our facility and to our hockey, ringette and softball programs. While you are our guests here we ask that you join us in abiding by our ZERO TOLERANCE policy.

Neither verbal or physical abuse of any of the participants (fans, players, coaches, or officials) will be tolerated. The games of hockey, ringette and softball are just that – games. While emotions may understandably run high at times, let us all remember that all participants are volunteers – doing the best possible job that they can for their respective games.

Anyone violating the Zero Tolerance policy will be asked to stop immediately. Failure to follow this policy will result in serious consequences for the offending party including, but not limited to, being banned from Varsity View Community Club facilities.

Thank you for joining us in helping the Varsity View Programs keep the games of hockey, ringette and softball fun activities for all involved. After all, we are all here for the children, aren’t we?

2022-23 Board of Directors

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