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Remember we have 2 sites: The main hall at 315 Laxdal Rd

and the Sportsplex (Arena and Fields of Marj Edey Park) at 4230 Ridgewood Rd.


For the very latest news please check our Varsity View FACEBOOK page.


The VVCC AGM will be held on * POSTPONED* at 7 pm at 315 Laxdal Rd.


March 5, 2020

In keeping with the rules that govern our club, we are obligated to post any Constitutional changes that will be proposed 30 days ahead of the AGM.  The Following are the Changes that will be proposed:

General changes:
Replace all references of “Executive” with “Board”
Move wording from section 7.0 to 11.0 for better readability.
 Wording changes: 
  • Section: 8.0 
Proposal: Add sub point “f” to provide clarity on what happens if a Board Member resigns part way through their term.
Rational: No current language exists to guide such a process.
Proposed wording:
If a Board Member resigns part way through their term, any level of Board Member can assume this vacant role if a two-third majority of the Board agrees to it. Any Board Member who fills the vacancy shall hold the position for the duration of the original term. No vacancy can be filled by a non-current Board Member. 
  • Section 9.0 
Proposal: Add language to ensure to sub point “a” continuity of Board and provide clarification of election process if an incumbent changes mid-session.
Rational: Currently, there is nothing preventing the Board being entirely dissolved at an AGM and a new Board of novices voted in. This scenario would have negative consequences for the continuation of programming and operations.
Proposed wording:
Executive positions shall be for a two-year term, with elections for the President, VP Operations, VP Programming, Female Hockey, and Softball Convenor taking place in even years, and elections for VP Sports, VP Finance, Secretary, Male Hockey, and Ringette being held in odd years.
  • Section: 9.0
Proposal: Add language to sub point “e” for clarity
Rational: Spirit of “e” was to ensure someone couldn’t assume an Officer role upon immediately being voted onto the Board, but language was not reflective of this.
Proposed wording:
A person must fulfil the role of a Director or General Member position for at least one year prior to holding an Officer position.
  • Section: 16.15 
Proposal: Create section 16.15 to include organizational flow chart, and update chart. This chart existed in the constitution but not in its own subsection.



  • Section: 17.4 
Proposal: Move bartender job description to this section to be listed with other jobs
  • Section: 20.0 
Proposal: Add language to sub point “o” to reflect what is practiced:
Proposed wording:
For youth sports, the sub-committee will determine the allocation of ice time based on the percentage of Varisty View constituents in each sport (male hockey, female hockey, ringette). Once each sport has been given its allotment, the sub-committee will ensure the ice is equally divided among all Varsity-View-hosted teams. If the sport has no Varisty-View-hosted teams, the ice in question will be given to that sport’s association.
  • Section: 21.9 
Proposal: Remove “hockey” sub point “i” as this incumbent would not staff ice hockey
  • Section: 21.11 
Proposal: Change “Supervisor” to “Director” for consistency in job title
Proposed wording: Nursery School Director
  • Section: 24.0 
Proposal:  Insert Social Contract Terms and Conditions to 24.2 and create 24.2(1) to record Bartenders’ manual in order to better consolidate information

The AGM is open to the public and we welcome new members to come and be part of our Board through the Elections.

Volunteer Appreciation will follow the meeting.


Outdoor Rink (ODR) is now closed for the Season.

See you all next Winter


Varsity View CC Jam Pail Curling & Fundraiser Social

Thank you to all who came out to support.  small curl_002.jpgsmall curl.jpg007 (18).jpg small.jpg008 (16).jpgsmall.jpg

2020 Champions


Book your Social Event now at our Hall & get $200 off the regular Price for a Friday!!

Contact for more Info.


Congrats to the City’s Above and Beyond Award winner for Varsity View in 2019:

Hockey Director Kerry Ross.

002 (2).JPG



Gentle Class

Each class incorporates a sequence of beginner poses while focusing on breath and intention, and is designed to enhance strength and flexibility, calm the mind and rejuvenate your spirit. Whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi this class offers an opportunity to practice yoga poses, cultivate connection, reduce stress, and restore your positive energy.

Class duration: 60 minutes. Instruction will be in English and Sanskrit, include cues to optimize alignment, and offer modifications. Music will be played.


Vinyasa Class

A fitness-based style where there is near continuous movement and brisk transitions between yoga poses. Each flow sequence incorporates a variety of beginner and intermediate poses while synchronizing the breath, and is designed to build heat in the body, increase strength, stamina, and flexibility, and reduce stress.

Class duration: 60 minutes. Instruction will be in English and Sanskrit, include cues to optimize alignment, and offer modifications. Music will be played.


What to bring:

  • Yoga mat
  • Water bottle
  • Small towel
  • Blanket
  • Props (optional) block, bolster, strap, eye pillow


Varsity View Nursery School open house
ThursdayAugust 29th at 6:00 pm
315 Laxdal St.
Spaces available in our 2, 3 and 4 year old program.  Come out and meet our teachers who will offer a nurturing, creative and fun enviorment for your child.

Check out the First Shift at the first shift   A very affordable opportunity for first time kids to try Hockey.   This year hosted by APHA at VVCC.  The program has been expanded due to our great Volunteers to the end of the 2019-20 season.



Great News:  VV has been selected as to be a recipient for the City of Winnipeg’s Renovation Grant.  So thanks to a lot of hard work by our VP of Programs, Christine, you will start to see changes coming to the Outdoor Rink Building on Laxdal starting this summer.  Great Job Christine!!!


2019 Charleswood Golf Classic

vv golf pic.jpg


2019 Vol of the Year: Ryan Zuk for so many years coaching and all your support, we salute you.  (Pictured below: Ryan left and Hockey Director Kerry Ross right)



VVCC held their Annual General Meeting on Wed Apr. 3, 2019 at 7pm at 315 Laxdal rd. 

The Only Board Change was a swap that saw Paula move to General Member and Sean Moore take over at Secretary.  For a complete list of the current Board please see the Contact us Tab

Varsity View Constitution and By-Laws 02 March 2019 second revision


The Stanley Cup at Varsity View

web 1.png

web 2.jpg

(VV Board and Staff with Madison Bowey and the Stanley Cup in the Splex Jul 28/18)


NHL champion Madison Bowey  brought the Stanley Cup to Varsity View Community Club on July 28 at 3 p.m.

Bowey, defenceman for the Washington Capitals hockey team, is a former Varsity View Falcon and he will bring hockey’s greatest trophy back to his childhood club for a party. All were welcome to attend this free event.

“My hockey career began here, at this great community club in this wonderful hockey city, and this is my chance to pay tribute to everyone who helped me get started, and encouraged me to keep going,” Bowey says. “It’s a great honour to have this privilege and I can’t wait to celebrate back home in my community.”

Traditionally, players and staff of the championship team each get a day to take the trophy to a destination of their choosing. Madison chose to share it with his community, where it all began.


bOWEY sc_002.jpg




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